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Cork East Candidate PR’s – Monday 21st



Listed below are Cork East Candidate PR’s received Monday 21st Feb

E119 MILLION spent on prefab rental over past three years – ‘a staggering waste of taxpayers money,’ Cllr John Mulvihill, Labour Candidate, Cork East.

A building initiative to replace prefab schools would create a cost effective learning environment and boost the local economy by providing vital jobs, Cllr John Mulvihill said.

“We need to use this money to build schools, create jobs and safe, permanent environments for our children,” Cllr Mulvihill said.

The Department of Education spent E27 million to rent 1, 744 prefabricated buildings and land for schools last year. In Cork city and county alone, E3.1million was spent on prefabs for primary and secondary schools in 2010.

“Hundreds of thousands are being shelled out across East Cork for these temporary structures on an annual basis. We have to create a fast track school building scheme to turn this spending around,” Cllr Mulvihill said.

A previous initiative to phase out prefabs and increase school buildings has cleary failed, according to Cllr Mulvihill.

“An attempt to reduce spending was first announced in 2008 by the then Minister Batt O’Keefe. There has been a cost reduction, but the figures remain outrageously expensive.”

“It is a shocking indictment of the state of this nation that millions are shelled out annually for the rental of prefab schools.

We have to take action to stop this colossal hemorrhaging of state funds when the country is in extreme financial turmoil. Thousands of school students nationwide could be housed in the proper permanent school structures if this E27 million was injected into construction, creating vital employment, tackling emigration and providing permanent school structures, Cllr Mulvihill said.

“At a time when Irish taxpayers are forced to hand over ever greater portions of their wages in income levies, there has to be greater transparency of government spending  It is my understanding that the millions spent on prefab rental goes to a tiny minority in the prefabricated building industry.

Can we not strike a better deal as a fast track planning process is drawn up?

This is an infuriating false economy,” Cllr Mulvihill said.


Cork East students will be screwed under FG’s graduate tax – O’Keeffe

“Fine Gael’s plan for a graduate tax will screw every student in Cork East and will have a significant impact on the courses they select,” according to Cork East Fianna Fáil candidate, Cllr. Kevin O’Keeffe.

“The graduate tax is without doubt a return of third level fees in another name.”

“Under Fine Gael graduates will pay through the PRSI system in the order of 30% of the cost of their undergraduate course when they are working.” (FG Third Way Document)”

“This will mean substantial debt for graduates. The graduate contribution for a 3 year Arts degree will cost on average €11,400, a four year Science degree €16,338 and an Engineering degree €17,096.”

“The knock on effect of this will see school leavers choose cheaper courses as opposed to the type of courses we need to progress Ireland’s smart economy agenda such as engineering.”

“Fine Gael has the smugness to suggest that this tax should not be a disincentive for students from lower income families.  In reality the payment of the graduate tax will affect all graduates regardless of wealth or level of income and some of our brightest and best will have no choice but to opt out of third level education entirely as a result.”

“This tax will hit Cork students hard from the moment they begin earning an income and it will be a considerable burden on their shoulders for years after graduating. It is clear Fine Gael has no interest in harnessing the talents of our young people, who are the future of Cork East and the rest of the country,” Cllr. O’Keeffe concluded.


Fine Gael Health Policy is a threat to Mallow Hospital – Ahern

Fine Gael’s health policy is a recipe for disaster as it puts private profit above the needs of public patients, according to Cork East Fianna Fáil TD Michael Ahern.  Mallow Hospital could be shut down under such a system because of its funding being cut off.

“Fine Gael’s policy is called “Fair Care” but there is nothing fair about a policy proposal which discriminates against people who can’t afford private health care or people who do not live in large urban centres,” said Deputy Ahern.

“It is an issue of major concern in this election that Fine Gael, who are riding high in the polls, are advocating a policy where decisions about Mallow Hospital would be placed in the hands of insurance companies whose decisions are based on profit alone.”

“Fine Gael seems to think that privatising our health system will answer our problems –it will not, it will make matters worse.   And it will be patients and the vulnerable who will bear the cost of this if Fine Gael’s uncaring policy is implemented.  Under Fine Gael’s plan, private insurance companies will decide all hospital and GP services.

“Fine Gael says their policy is based on the Dutch Model.  The truth is that in the Netherlands there are 14 different health insurance companies who do this and none have a market share of more than 26%.  In Ireland there are only 3 health insurance providers and the VHI has 68% of the market share.

“The essential point is that Fine Gael’s policy would give the VHI the right to decide what operations are performed and who goes where. This has the potential to undermine services at Mallow Hospital.

“I am completely against any proposal which threatens our local hospital and puts profit for insurance companies above the interests of a patient-centred health service.  I will resolutely oppose this crazy proposal if elected to the next Dáil,” Deputy Ahern concluded.


Adams To Visit Midleton

Gerry Adams will be in Midleton this Monday 21st February,  canvassing with Sinn Fein Cork East Candidate Sandra McLellan. Adams and McLellan will be outside Tesco, Market Green Shopping Centre at 1pm, and then moving onto the Midleton High street.

All press and media are welcome to attend.

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