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Cobhman Rows 5000km Across The Atlantic Ocean



Irish Adventurer, Mike Jones will joined 5 international crewmates in an attempt to row 5000km across the Atlantic Ocean. They will set out from Agadir, Morocco to Bridgetown in Barbados, unaided in 40 – 50 days and it is all for charity.

Mike was selected as crew several months ago and has documented his training and the journey to date on his website Throughout the expedition, when Mike is not rowing he will be updating the site directly from the boat via a sat phone to keep his readers up to date with their progress.

The boat the ‘Sara G’ is a specially designed ocean rowing boat. With three rowing positions on the deck thus catering for a crew of 6, 3 rowing while 3 rest. The shift pattern will be set at a grueling 2 hours on, 2 hours off regime meaning each crew member will row for 12 hours a day. The boat is provisioned to be fully self-contained and unsupported for 50 days. It is even fitted with its own water desalination machine to produce drinking water for the crew. The boat will also contain a complete inventory of modern safety, communication and navigation equipment.

The Skipper, Mark Craughwell said “we have a very strong crew – each of whom brings a unique skill set to the crew. I am confident that we will succeed”. Mike Jones added, “All going well, if we start on January 7th, 2010 we should arrive in Barbados before the end of February 2010”.

Mike Jones, 29, is from Cobh, Co. Cork in Ireland. He works as the Operations Manager for the University of Limerick Activity Centre.  Mike grew up in the historic port town of Cobh and with a fisherman as a father it was inevitable that he would at some stage take to the ocean. Throughout his youth he was a very active member of the local sea scouts where he learned invaluable seamanship skills while at the same time developing a hunger for adventure.  Over the past 18 years Mike has been feeding that hunger with, sailing, kayaking and mountaineering adventures all over the world. Mike also participates in triathlons and adventure races and is an active member of the Irish Coast Guard (in the renowned Killaloe unit) – qualified as both a ‘D’ Class and RIB Coxswain.

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